The Constant Cosmos Theory

Einstein's truly elegant Universe finally realized

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The standard model of Big Bang cosmology has long suffered from the lack of a clear and concise realization. It has long since turned into a classic case of the emperor's new clothes. At it's best, it has been downright sketchy. At it's worst, it is becoming outright absurd.

The Big Bang theory was not born out of observation, but instead with mathematics derived from unquestionable assumptions. There are instances of more recent observations that call into question those unquestionable assumptions that are the foundation of the theory, however new purely hypothetical concepts are then simply introduced to perpetuate it.

Inflation theory, dark energy, and dark matter are the prime examples of this.

The Constant Cosmos Theory revolutionizes the standard model of cosmology by simply going back to basics. Maybe Einstein was right all along and the “universe” is a finite static sphere. His biggest blunder is not the fact that he proposed a cosmological constant. It was his erroneous conceptualization of the cosmological constant in a simply elegant universe. And a matter of scale.

At the time Einstein was developing General Relativity it was believed the Milky Way was the entire universe. Shortly after the release of General Relativity, Hubble observed that this was not the case and the universe is far larger than just our little galaxy. I believe that the same biased and ultimately limited relativistic perception concerning our universe that applied prior to Hubble is still the fundamental problem today.

What if the cosmos is not just a synonym of the word universe. What if the Cosmos is the constant? Our observable universe is merely a cyclical wave of energy/matter traversing the constant Cosmos.

The Constant Cosmos Theory identifies how the standard model has been incorrectly conceptualized and how to account for the simple underlying mechanics which enable a cyclic “Big Crunch” in light of an expanding universe which is accelerating and is believed to be at critical density.

And, just like Einstein's theories, it actually makes a “real world” prediction which is verifiable by simple observational experimentation.

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The Constant Cosmos Theory

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